Find I, John on NetGalley

Jacket_PerfectBound_Rev1Find I, John on NetGalley

Want to review a copy of I, John on NetGalley? Ever heard of Ever heard of (or been) a “professional reader”?

If you are a professional reader, such as a bookseller or reviewer (or you would like to become one,) here’s a link to the NetGalley posting of I, John:

If you’re wondering, is a place where authors and publishers let folks who are willing to post reviews (or who are in a position to stock a book in a library or store) obtain access to a free digital copy to read. Authors and publishers get reviews to use in advertising, and the readers get free access to the work to see what they think of it. Here’s a summary from the NetGalley webpage:

NetGalley is an innovative, easy-to-use website that provides digital galleys free of charge to reviewers, bloggers, media, librarians, booksellers and educators. NetGalley helps reduce our environmental impact while also giving you faster access to our titles!

Register now at and search the catalog to view our available galleys. Then just hit the “Request” button for the title(s) you want.

Once you request the title, you’ll just need to wait until we approve your request, and then the galley will appear on your NetGalley homepage (under “New on My Shelf”). You will receive an email notification once your request is approved, so that you’ll know to login to view the galley.

You’ll have the option to download the galley to your computer or read it on a variety of devices. You can find step-by-step instructions for each here.

Be sure that you download Adobe Digital Editions (the program you’ll need to view our galley) first – it’s quick and free: