Sister Fox

Sister Fox and the Dark Closet is a book for children, though you may enjoy it even if you are no longer quite a child. Sister Fox rescues her pony, Chocolate, from the deep jungles of the dark closet. Warning for the squeamish—there are clowns. Be careful.

Sister Fox and the Dark Closet

Sister Fox and the Dark Closet is available on the Amazon Kindle store. 

Sister Fox is available as an eBook on in the Kindle format. You don’t even have to own a Kindle to read it. You can download the book to a Kindle reader, or on any computer or tablet using the free Kindle reader software or app from Amazon. If you need to add the Kindle app to your device, here’s all the information you need:  Soon it will be available in paperback as well.

Here’s an excerpt:

Sister Fox woke up when the sunlight began to pour into the tent. Little pieces of dust were dancing in the light, and she lay on her back and thought about whether a fox should try to bite the little pieces of dust.

Sister Fox was a fox cub, very strong, and very smart, and very dangerous with long sharp teeth and long claws, and she wasn’t afraid of anything. Well, she was a little worried about bees, prunes, cheese if it wasn’t yellow, and clowns, but she was very brave.

She peeked out of the tent flaps and saw that her bedroom was just like it had been when she went to sleep. Her stuffed animals, the ones not already in the tent with her, were waiting for her to get up. Her books were lined up on the shelves, and piled on the floor, and a few were off on errands of their own. Tiny dinosaurs were perched on her nightstand. The T-Rex had been watching all night, ready to eat anyone who tried to sneak into her room—anyone except her Dad, that is. It was ok for her Dad to sneak into her room, even when she was just pretending to sleep, and to make sure that the covers were up to her shoulders, even when she was not cold.

She wasn’t cold at the moment. In fact, she felt warm and good beneath the covers. Sleeping in a tent, even in your own bedroom, just makes things cozy she decided.

That’s when she realized that Chocolate was missing….

Here’s a link to the book page on Amazon: Sister Fox and the Dark Closet

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