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T-Shirts and Art. We are now offering high quality (beautiful!) T-shirts, prints, and more items featuring our designs and artwork. Some are by me, like the image above. More are coming from Lauren. Many of you have only seen her illustrations for Sister Fox and the Dark Closet. As Lauren will remind anyone who brings it up, she drew those illustrations, wonderful as they are, when she was five or six years old— about the same as when she was walking through that grassy field. She is now more than twice that age, and her art is much more than twice as good. Here’s one of her recent sketches:

Rainforest Fox Color Image
Rainforest Fox

Personally, I think that fox is awesome.

We have begun offering new items right here on our website. Here are some of the designs available now or coming soon:

american apparel__navy_flat back_mockup RainforestTankFrontMicah68_Back Westies_ObeyTheDog_Back

That last shirt was Malachi’s idea, and he is actually the dog in the image. They describe Westies as having “possessed with no small self-esteem” — it is an understatement.

More designs are coming all the time. Please like the CRTaylorBooks Facebook Page ( you can just click the Like button in the right hand margin—might be down at the bottom if you’re using a phone) to get the latest Facebook posts, or there’s @crtaylorbooks on Twitter, or crtaylorbooks on Instagram, or crtaylorbooks on Tumblr. (Gosh. See why I don’t sleep enough?)

Prints of artwork, such as the Rainforest Fox (who is getting a rainforest fox body to match, but these things take time) will be coming soon. We’re going to make these available as high quality giclée prints. If you’re not familiar with the term giclée, it’s just a artsy word that means Really Nice Inkjet Print. (It’s true—click here for the link to the Wikipedia article on giclée.)

Meanwhile, the T-shirts are beautiful. What are you waiting for?

What do you think?

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