American Apparel Sizing

American Apparel Sizing

american apparel__black_flat front_mockupYou may already know how an American Apparel shirt fits you. If you are like me, raised in the steam of eastern North Carolina summers, you may appreciate a little more information.

The sizing charts below are from the shirt manufacturer, American Apparel. We’re using the Unisex size shirts to make things simple.

I’m 5’10” tall and weigh 185 lbs. (Okay, sometimes I weigh a little more. Don’t tell my doctor.) As I write these words, I’m wearing an American Apparel 2001 Mens/Unisex T-Shirt in the 2XL size, and it fits the way I like—the sleeve almost reaches the bend of my elbow and the shoulder seams are just past the ends of my shoulders. (If you are wondering, it is one of the Walt Whitman shirts: Walt Whitman – I Sit Content .)

So—if you like a slim fit, go with your regular size. If you like things a bit less tight, consider going a size up.

Thanks for shopping with us!

—C R Taylor


Here are the actual American Apparel Sizing Charts:



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